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The Lift

I developed The Lift using the Unity engine and C# as part of a college project. The original intention was for us to design a virtual reality experience for use on Oculus headsets, however this was unfortunately cancelled due to the Coronavirus restrictions in place at the time. Instead, we were tasked with designing and creating a standard, non-VR experience which could potentially be adapted into a virtual reality title. The main idea of the game is that each time the player enters a new lift, a new scene is loaded. Each scene presents a new challenge which must be completed to unlock access to the next lift. These challenges are tailored to fit with the theme of each scene, and can range from shooting targets, escaping enemies, and solving puzzles. There are a total of four playable levels - each with their own unique environments, sounds, and gameplay. The project file + source code can be found here, and a playable build (for Windows) can be found here.